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CP Plus Training Course

Thứ hai, 21/04/2014, 14:31 GMT+7

INNOVUS JSC has successfully held the CP Plus IP and Hybrid Surveillance System Certification Training in April 18&19th, 2014.

This training program is a two-day learning course offered by Channel Works for technical staff from security/ IT resellers and systems integrators. The course is designed to provide the knowledge to understand the CCTV SurveillanceSystem. Its main purpose is to improve the participants’ capability on the key issues and concepts of the actual process and implementation of applied systems. Topics covered include the IP Camera Set-up and Configuration, IP Surveillance Storage Solutions and VMS Integration. At the end of the training program, the participants did the final test. And they are expected to get the certificate issued by CP Plus. It will be their advantage in their respective areas of interest.

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