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Wednesday, 10/06/2020, 02:14 GMT+7

Eocortex VMS allows you to solve a set of tasks relevant to modern airports, enabling them to ensure the safety of passengers and improve the efficiency of the airport's departments

Eocortex Video Analytics for Airports

Sabotage Detection for Airports

To minimize the time of video surveillance cameras inoperability of the airport

How it works

You can configure the following control events:
  • camera defocusing
  • turning the camera away from pre-defined view 
  • long-time flaring of a camera
  • overlapping of the camera view
When any of the mentioned control events occurs, you receive an immediate notification to the monitor, phone or e-mail.

Your benefits

Thanks to the Sabotage Detection module, you can quickly get a notification about the video surveillance system inoperability and promptly restore its functionality.

Thus, you will be able to continuously ensure safety of passengers, staff, property and infrastructure of the airport.

Operating principle of Sabotage Detection video analysis module in the context of airports. Software used: Eocortex Video Management Software.


Face Recognition for Airports

It is used to automate and control the access of people to the airport premises

How it works

You can:
  • integrate the module with the access control system of an airport
  • create a database of photos of “trusted” and “blacklisted” people
  • receive automatic notifications to your monitor, phone or e-mail regarding infiltration attempts perpetrated by people who do not have access rights
  • search for fragments with the detected face in the video archive, search for people in the video archive using their photos

Your benefits

You do not have to use your staff to control the admission to all premises. Thanks to the Face Recognition module you can:
  • provide automatic admission to the airport premises of those employees who have appropriate permission, and control the time they spend there
  • prevent unauthorized persons from entering the premises 
Thus, you will be able to ensure the high level of security for your staff and infrastructure using biometrical control methods.
Operation of Face Recognition video analysis module. CCTV solution: airports. Video Management Software: Eocortex.

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