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Binh Duong Book – Educational Equipment Company

15:11 | 09/07/2014

Binh Duong Book – Educational Equipment Company is a subsidiary of Vietnam Education Publisher. With a deep awareness of its roles and responsibilities, it has promoted the investment of infrastructure and equipment in order to organize the production and trading of publications assigned by Vietnam Education Publisher and the educational materials and equipment, stationery ... to promptly and fully satisfy schools and scholars.


Orient Commercial Bank

11:31 | 08/04/2014

Orient Commercial Bank was established in 1996, specializing in retail banking for small and medium busineses in Vietnam.


Tan Tao University

11:22 | 08/04/2014

Tan Tao University is the first Private Non-Profit US-style university situated in 503 arcres area in Tan Duc E.City, Duc Hoa District,Long An Province.

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